30 Day Horror Movie Challenge


Day 6: Favourite vampire movie

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter


I actually didn’t think I would like this movie - it looked cheesy and stupid. I saw it because I had a coupon and wanted to have movie theatre popcorn.

BUT I loved it. It was great in 3D (especially the train scene) and I just really liked the story line. I haven’t actually seen a lot of vampire movies, but this is def at the top of my favourite movies ever. I also really like the Underworld series. And Van Helsing. I like lot of them I guess. 


Didn’t think it was going to be much but Reasonable Doubt starring Dominic Cooper and Samuel L. Jackson is great.


Do Empire Mag know something they’re not telling us? 

They’ve captioned a photo of Rufus Sewell’s Autolycus in the latest Hercules film - in rather ominous surroundings - with “Something tells us he could be the villain.”  Wait, what?  I thought he was a good twat on a horse this time?!  Is he not one of the good guys after all?  I mean, I know he’s often the villain in films, but he has good-guy roles too!  John Murdoch is the hero of Dark City, Aurelio Zen is a detective doing good, Tom Builder (bless him) is good, as is Seth Starkadder (mostly - just some of his *ahem* “hobbies” aren’t).  Rufus has also gone on record in their podcast to say that his Autolycus will be a “good twat on a horse”.  Was he told to lead them on, to not give away the plot of the film?  Or are Empire leading us on? 

And, on a side note, I want to know what name Rufus gave to his horse.  Apparently, they all gave their horses names to help bond with the animals; equine monikers included Hendrix & Stubs.  The article doesn’t delve deeper into this tidbit of info though.  So, we don’t know whose is whose!  Or what the other names were.

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